Checklist for Success

To get the term started off right, refer to this checklist to set up and maintain your course settings in your Grade Book. Feel free to make changes throughout the semester.

(If you’ve used Hawkes before, remember to archive your Grade Book first.)

Initial Setup

  • Ensure that you have created your Single Sign-On account and it is up to date. Click here to learn how to create your Single Sign-On account.
  • Log into the instructor Grade Book and change your password under
    Tools > Change Password.
  • Start exploring the student side of Hawkes using the access code provided by your Training & Support Specialist.
  • Meet online with your Training & Support Specialist for a comprehensive training.
  • When you meet, you will discuss your plans for implementation and get an overview of Hawkes from both a student and instructor perspective.

Before the beginning of the semester

  • Consider meeting online with your Training & Support Specialist for a training refresher or Q&A session.
  • Set up your course sections, assignment group weights, homework late penalties, and assignment due dates. (Tip: Check out this click-through demonstration on setting up your section!)
  • **Input the exact course start date when setting up your section so if students who are awaiting financial aid to purchase their materials need to request Temporary Access, the access begins on day 1 of class and lasts the first 20 days.**
  • Refer to our Instructor Directions for quick reference.
  • Create or review your WebTests and assign them to your course sections under Assignments > WebTests.
  • Add paper/pencil assignments and assign them to your course sections under Assignments > Other Assignments.
  • Read through our Best Practices for more advice on setting up your Grade Book.

The week before class

  • Use our Syllabus Suggestions to make sure your syllabus includes information for your students on how to use Hawkes.
  • Experience Hawkes as a student—log in and complete a few lessons!
  • Watch the Student Training Video to prepare you for first-day questions.
  • Print out the Student Directions or post them to Course Materials under Assignments > Course Materials.

The first day of class

  • Hand out your syllabus and the Student Directions.
  • Show the Student Training Video.
  • If you are in a lab setting, help your students log in and enroll in your course.

The first week of class

  • Contact Hawkes if you or your students have any questions. We offer
    extended technical support phone hours at the start of each term, as well as 24/7 chat support through our website.

Midway through the term

  • See how other schools are improving student success by checking out
    our webinar series.
  • Take advantage of the Grade Book reports to monitor student progress and to evaluate student performance on individual learning outcomes.
  • Have you talked to your Training & Support Specialist lately? Use our Best Practices as a starting point for your discussion!

At the end of the term

  • Meet with your Training & Support Specialist to discuss any feedback or questions from the term.
  • Archive your Grade Book: Tools > Archive Grade Books
  • Take advantage of the Course Copy tool so you don’t have to create your next term’s section from scratch: Tools > Manage Sections > Add New Section > Copy templates
  • Update WebTests: Assignments > WebTests > Manage
  • Update your curriculum: Assignments > Curriculum > Manage by Curricula
  • Change due date templates: Assignments > HLS Lesson Due Dates > Manage by Template

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