7 Tips to Bust through Writer’s Block

You stare at your blank Word document, the blinking cursor mocking you as you struggle to come up with your first sentence. Maybe you’ve already written a few paragraphs, but the well of inspiration has run dry before you’ve gotten to your conclusion.

It’s happened to us all: writer’s block has imprisoned the best of writers at one point or another. So, how do you rise above writer’s block? Kathleen Wong’s Mic article, “6 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block,” has a few tips! (Side note: While the original article says it provides six ways to overcome writer’s block, it gives a bonus tip.)

Get rid of writer’s block:

  1. Make up deadlines to keep yourself on track.
  2. Relax your body so you can relax your mind.
  3. Do away with distractions.
  4. Speak out the parts of the paper that give you trouble.
  5. Read a book unrelated to your assignment.
  6. Just start writing, even if it’s bad.
  7. Write anything other than the assignment.

Check out more here in the original Mic article!

Wong, Kathleen. “6 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block.” Mic News. Mic, 22 Dec. 2015. Web. 5 Jan. 2015.

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