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We’ve expanded into a new discipline with our brand-new courseware, Foundations of English! This courseware revolutionizes the world of online English programs.

English instructors from across the country created the lesson content to give students the exact information they need. Our user-friendly interface and built-in to-do list keep students organized and on track with their papers and other assignments.

The interactive questions and fun, game-like lessons engage students as they navigate topics ranging from understanding different learning styles to revising and proofreading their work. Plus, our peer-review tool and paper submission platform, SmartReview, makes peer and instructor editing easy and more streamlined.

Explore the courseware.

Foundations of English

Table of ContentsFoundations of English

  1. Study Skills
  2. Reading Skills
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Grammar and Mechanics
  5. Style
  6. The Writing Process – Paragraphs
  7. The Writing Process – Longer Texts
  8. Research

Foundations of English brings our existing learning technology that has helped students succeed in math for more than 35 years to the field of reading and writing. Along with valuable remediation in introductory English skills, Foundations of English challenges students to apply the concepts they are learning to their academic, professional, and personal lives.


With our paper submission platform for peer and instructor review, SmartReview gives you the flexible options you need when students submit paper drafts.

With just one login, students access their writing assignments and a user-friendly writing space where they can type their papers directly or copy and paste from any word processor.

As an instructor, you have the ability to see who submitted their writing assignments on time, review the assignments, and assign peer review.

Reviewers utilize an advanced tagging system, customized comments, and instructor-created rubrics to provide writers with thorough and relevant feedback. The tagging system includes tags like Topic Sentences and Punctuation.

SmartReview uses a tagging system to identify common writing mistakes.

In the peer review, you can control how many tags students should add in order to guide the kind of feedback given. Students can choose from predetermined tags to help get the ball rolling on how they can best advise their peers. Instructors can critique papers as well!

Students can choose from a list of predetermined tags.

Interactive examples

This courseware keeps students engaged by providing interactive examples throughout the lessons. Students gain a greater understanding of how they learn and what methods are best to take when writing and studying.

Different learning styles are explained.

You can use the tables interspersed throughout the lessons as in-class activities. These tables can be printed so students can fill in their answers at their desks with your help and guidance.

One interactive example asks students to list out proper nouns.

Lessons contain click-to-select questions. While most online English programs offer multiple choice only, this question type directly tests students’ knowledge of grammar with specific sentence examples. Check out one below:

This click-to-select question asks you identify all indefinite pronouns on this sentence: Although many of us have planned the camping trip, anyone is welcome to come.

Additional materials

If you’d like something printed to give to your students, our English Print has all the Learn screens’ content in a convenient booklet!

In addition to the online program, we can include our free Quick Reference, a single handout for each student describing common grammar mistakes and how to fix them. If you can’t stand seeing another “your” when “you’re” should be used, then this reference guide may be the key to maintaining your sanity.

Foundations of English includes several videos interspersed throughout the lessons that cover the main content and ideas. Check out one of our videos, which explains how to proofread sentences for style, below!

Explore the courseware.

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