Tuesday Tip: See how long students spend time in Learn, Practice, and Certify

Your student Jason stops you after class to let you know that he’s tried to do his homework for the latest lesson, but Certify keeps kicking him out. You ask him if he’s spent time in Practice, and he swears he feels like he’s tried a hundred Practice problems over the course of several hours. You know some students think they’ve spent forever and a day doing their homework, when they’ve really spent a half hour in the courseware.

You can check by logging into your Grade Book, selecting the Reports tab, and going into the Time Per Lesson report. You do so for Jason and see that “several hours” in Practice meant 27 minutes in that mode, but then a lot of time spent in Certify. You advise him to spend more time in Practice before jumping into Certify in order to save him time in the long run. He gives you a funny look because that sounds a little counterintuitive, but he says he’ll give it a try. Sure enough, the next week, Jason comes up to you before class and lets you know that he’s spending more time in Practice for each lesson and, as a result, less time in Certify. Now, with your instruction and his homework completion, he’s finally “getting” the class. He grins in appreciation. That’s a proud teacher moment.

Check out the video below to learn more:

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