5 Tricks and Treats in the Grade Book

While technology can be scary, there’s nothing to be spooked out about in our Grade Book! We’ve compiled a few tricks and treats below so you can spend less time looking at your computer screen and more time enjoying a frightful eve.


1. Want to add a custom tab to your students’ courseware for additional materials? You can by going into Display Settings in the Grade Book’s Tools tab.

Make custom tabs in the Display Options.

You can add links and upload resources, and they’ll have a home on the student’s side:

The custom tab from the student's perspective.

2. Need to push back a few assignment due dates? Don’t do them individually—that takes too much time! Instead, use the Shift Multiple Due Dates button in your HLS Due Dates template. You’ll be able to pick a new date for the first assignment that needs the change, and the tool will automatically shift the subsequent assignments’ due dates for you!

Shift multiple due dates.

3. Already thinking about setting up your next module or even your spring term’s classes? Remember that you can hide sections so students can’t see them when they enroll into Hawkes. If you hide all your classes, your name won’t show up in the list students see when they select their instructor’s name for the first time. This setting helps avoid confusion when students are trying to remember the exact name and section they need to choose in order to start working for that A! Just navigate to Tools, then Manage Sections.Hide sections


1. Do you have a WebTest assigned to multiple sections? Now, you can make bulk changes to those general settings for each section. Just select the WebTest needing changes from your list, choose General Settings, and select “Show” next to Make Bulk Changes.

Make bulk changes to sections for each WebTest.

The sections’ settings will open up, so you can edit the dates, times, weights, and more for individual sections if needed.

2. If assignments were completed in the web platform, they can now be reviewed in the Detailed Student Grades report underneath the Reports tab!

Review assignments from the Detailed Student Scores report.

Select the blue ellipsis in the Action column and select Review Assignment, which will then open up Assignment Reviewer.

We hope you enjoyed these tricks and treats! If you have any questions, please contact our Training and Support Specialists at 1-800-426-9538.

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