Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House: I’m Lovin’ It!

Ronald McDonald has quite the shoes to fill!

Last Friday, a group of Hawkes colleagues came together to volunteer at Charleston’s Ronald McDonald House. They prepared a meal of cornbread, salad, tortilla soup, and brownies for 60 family members. While there, they received a fun and informative tour of the facilities from the staff. One volunteer, Tim, said the tour was especially memorable because they saw all the hard work the House has put into recent renovations to make it a comfortable space for the families staying there.

Charleston Ronald McDonald House's newly renovated kitchen.

Betsy enjoyed her time volunteering. “It was touching to be in a space where families are part of a community that understands what the other families are going through during such difficult times,” she said. “I’m glad to have helped with preparing a meal so the families could have one less thing to worry about that day.”

The volunteers even had a chance to meet Gardy, the beloved dog who lives at the House and lends emotional support, tail wags, and lots of love to those who stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

Jen got to spend some quality time with the House's very own dog, Gardy.

Steven and the crew enjoy cooking, so this was the perfect opportunity to combine their love of working in a kitchen with their passion for helping others.

Tim and Doug help prepare the main course.

Doug recalled that while they prepared the tortilla soup, Tim started cutting several onions at once. Suddenly, all the volunteers in the kitchen started crying. We promise they weren’t crying because of Tim’s cooking skills! The meal came out delicious. We’d like to thank the Ronald McDonald House for the wonderful opportunity of volunteering there, and we hope to come back soon.

The team pausing for a quick photo during meal prep.

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