Midterm Tips from a Student Ambassador

Here’s a guest post from UNC Charlotte’s Student Ambassador, Valeria! She provides some study tips during stressful midterms. Take it away, Valeria!

Study Tips for College Students from a College Student

Valeria Suárez

Hey, guys! Here are some study tips that will help you do better in school. Sometimes, it’s good to try new things if you aren’t getting the results you wanted regarding your grades. So, what’s better than trying a few tips below that have worked for others? Probably nothing. Just try them out and see the results:

1. Have study groups! For me, studying with my friends is one of the most helpful things for all my classes because you can help them, and they can help you. It’s a win-win situation, and it’s also fun!

2. BE ORGANIZED. This should be your mantra if you are a college student. Have calendars, a planner, and schedules. Do your best to keep them updated and accurate.

3. Create a study plan. When you feel that your week is too full and you are overwhelmed, write down everything you have to do and all the places you have to be in and make some kind of special schedule for that (or those) week(s). This will help you feel less stressed and will also give you the chance of making sure that you didn’t miss anything!

4. Find your study place. It is hard to study if you are in an environment that doesn’t suit you. Some people study in their rooms, while some people study in the library or in public places. It all depends on where you feel more comfortable/ Once you have found that spot, you will see the difference.

5. Feel confident when you start an exam. Some people say that if you get into that classroom thinking that you will get a score of 100, the probability of actually getting a good grade is higher.

6. Don’t study 10 minutes before the test. It won’t help you because you know what you already know and you won’t learn it 10 minutes before staring the test if you didn’t learned it before. So, prepare yourself to start studying with enough time before your test.

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