A Student Ambassador’s Midterm Guidance

Need some help for midterms? Follow the advice from UNLV’s Student Ambassador, Melanie! She lists some quick tips out below.

Study Tips

Melanie Arslanian

1. Find a peaceful and quiet place outdoors where you can study and look up on your breaks to enjoy the nature and de-stress.

2. Get healthy bite-sized snacks such as berries, nuts, and/or granola to keep your mind energized during long hours of studying.

3. Turn your cell phone off so you do not get distracted by unnecessary notifications.

4. Take breaks when you are studying and reward yourself. For example, after studying for thirty minutes, take a five-minute break. Do this throughout the day.

5. Try to make mnemonics to help you remember information when you’re studying. For example, a mnemonic device for the colors of the rainbow is Roy G. BIV.

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