Tuesday Tip: What are those phantom assignments?

You log into the student side of the courseware and see it right away: Lesson 3.4, which you swore you no longer wanted assigned! There it is, hanging out on the student dashboard, waiting to be selected from the to-do list so students can Certify in that lesson. Little does it know, you want students to skip 3.4 and go right to 3.5. What’s going on?

There is an easy fix! In your online Grade Book, select the Assignments tab, go into the HLS Lesson Due Dates, and choose your section. Select the Show Additional Options button right above the due dates.

Show additional options to assign or unassign lessons.

This option shows you which assignments are assigned, regardless of whether they have due dates associated with them. If you want to get rid of that pesky Lesson 3.4, deselect its Assign check box and save those changes. Phantom assignments, be gone!

BONUS tip: If you do want to add assignments without due dates, you can check those off with the Assign button, make sure nothing is in the box next to the calendar icon, and save your changes. Keep in mind we suggest adding due dates to help keep students on track with their homework.

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