FlexMastery: The tool that believes in second chances

Use FlexMastery so students have an extra chance at a Certify question

Do you want to give your students an additional attempt at a similar Certify question before they receive a strike? You can do so by using FlexMastery, a setting in your Grade Book curriculum! Just follow the quick steps below to start using it today. Pro tip? Selecting the Limit additional attempts per question to option and giving just one extra attempt usually does the trick!

From your online Grade Book,

  • Go to the Assignments tab
  • Select Curriculum
  • Choose Manage by Curriculum
  • Select the grey box that has the name of your curriculum
  • Check the box that says “Allow students to retry a missed question with new values instead of receiving a strike” and designate the number of additional attempts you want to allow.
  • Remember to Save Changes
  • Select Back to Manage Curricula
  • Under your name, make sure that your sections are assigned your curriculum and not the default, then Save Changes if necessary

Check out our video tutorial below!

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