What do all great online instructors do?

We know that running an online class has several challenges not always faced by those that meet in a physical classroom on campus. Barbara A. Popp, the director of curriculum, instruction, and professional development for New Jersey’s Manville School District, lists out the top practices for online instructors to help guide the way. Among her advice, she suggests helping students with their time management and organization, crucial skills that often fall to the wayside because many students incorrectly assume online classes don’t take as much time and effort as their other classes. Another point she makes includes the fact that presenting material in different ways (videos, notes, discussion boards, etc.) engages students more profoundly.

Check out the eSchool News article here.

Popp, Barbara A. “10 things all great online educators do.” eSchool Media. eSchool News, 8 Oct. 2015. Web. 8 Oct. 2015.

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