The TED Talk “Unstoppable Learning” will get you thinking about thinking!

Inspiring TED Talks can stick with us for weeks after listening. This particular talk, “Unstoppable Learning,” did exactly that for us. While it focuses on learning during infancy and childhood, we all can relate to the truth that those years are some of the most crucial and informative for our education.

You know the phrase All you need to know you learned in kindergarten? Consider that idea while watching and reflect upon how the ways we learned as children shaped us into who we are today.  These five segments help shed light on alternative ways of thinking and challenging the mold of education worldwide.


  • How Much Can Children Teach Themselves? – Mitra Sugata tells his story involving how his views on teaching changed after he gave internet access to children in Indian slums. He highlights the large problem of not having the best schools where they’re most needed.


  • When Does Learning Begin? – This TED Talk puts forth the idea that learning begins before we are even born. It explains how behaviors and preferences are developed in the womb and how these stick with us as we get older.


  • What Do Babies Think? – This presentation provides fascinating information about the complex  intelligence-gathering and decision-making capabilities that babies utilize when they play.


  • What Role Do Relationships Play in Learning? – Teacher Rita Pierson talks about how she feels classrooms lack the kind of human connections kids need to feel inspired and to learn.


  • Can Schools Exist in the Cloud? – Sugata returns for another segment by explaining why he thinks self-organized classes are education’s future and how we can build a school in the cloud.

“Unstoppable Learning.” TED Radio Hour. NPR, 3 May 2013. Web. 2 Oct. 2015.

One thought on “The TED Talk “Unstoppable Learning” will get you thinking about thinking!

  1. I have seen this video and heard the virtually identical TED Hour podcast a dozen times or more. Also have sent these links to dozens of friends.
    “Unstoppable Learning,” is perhaps, one of the best and most important expositions of the true nature of Learning I’ve ever known. And Sugata Mithra’s explanation of the establishment of Bureaucracy seals the deal… It’s not that Education as an institution works, but Learning as an individual, as well as a communal process is the education of the future.

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