Make Interactive Posters via Google Drawings!

Tech expert and high school teacher Matt Miller explains how to make fun, digital posters using Google Drawings. In his article, “Google Drawings interactive posters (no glue sticks necessary!),” he explains how to start a new digital poster and how to take advantage of all the useful features that don’t come with a traditional poster you make with paper, scissors, and glue. This resource is great for students working on research projects and organizing materials visually!

To create a new Google Drawing, head over to your Google Drive, select the New button, hover over More from the drop-down menu, and select Google Drawings. You can add headlines and text boxes, as well as images from the Internet. Miller suggests going to Insert, selecting Images, and then choosing Search for Google to search for Creative Commons-licensed images.

To make these digital posters truly interactive, you can add links to your work! Just highlight text or select an image, choose Insert, and select the Link button to add the URL.

You can also embed an constantly changing version of the image you’ve included to your own class website by going to File and selecting Publish to the web. From the Embed tab, you can copy the HTML code and past it into your website where it says Embed or HTML (Miller).

Read more from the original article here.

Miller, Matt. “Google Drawings interactive posters (no glue sticks necessary!).” Ditch that Textbook, n.d. Web. 29 Sept. 2015.

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