How to Become Mentally Tough

[This article was posted on The Muse and was written by Justin Bariso.]

We loved these suggestions on how to develop mental toughness from former FBI agent LaRae Quy in “How to Develop Mental Toughness, According to an FBI Agent.” While preparing for a test or finishing homework on time isn’t as anxiety-inducing and risky as what the FBI comes up against, students still need to develop grit and become mentally strong for the tasks at hand. The author of the article, Justin Bariso, highlights Quy’s tips on becoming mentally tough:

  1. Become aware of your emotions and how to handle them, which will also help you grow more aware of others’ emotions.
  2. Welcome change and get used to being uncomfortable in order to grow and learn.
  3. Rein in your thoughts.
  4. Focus your energy on your task by breaking it down into smaller parts, getting feedback from others, setting goals, and allowing yourself to be humbled.
  5. Be open to growth and understand that mistakes can be positive moments because they allow you to learn (Bariso).

Read the full article here.

Bariso, Justin. “How to Develop Mental Toughness, According to an FBI Agent.” The Muse. Inc., n.d. Web. 28 Sept. 2015.

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