Students can better prepare for exams by creating their very own practice tests

While students can try their hand at solving questions in Practice as many times as they’d like, they can prepare for quizzes and tests even further by creating their own practice tests.

When students log into the web platform, they’ll just need to select their course and choose the Tests tab. They’ll select Practice Tests and Create Practice Test. They’ll name it, choose how many questions, assign a time limit (or select “Not Timed”), add the sections they want, and choose Start.

Create a practice test.

The practice test looks like an assigned WebTest, so students can quickly get comfortable with the format and presentation of the test or quiz in a low-anxiety environment.

A website window is shown for the practice test. The top bar is blue and displays the title of Practice Test 3 next to a button that says Turn in Test. A question asks to evaluate the following expression. The expression is written below, and the answer box is below that.

Students can select the question drop-down menu in the top left corner to skip around problems. When they’re done, they’ll select Turn in Test at the top. If they forgot to answer a few questions, they’ll receive a message confirming if they’ll want to turn the test in or resume. Once they submit the test, they’ll receive instant feedback:

Results from a practice test.

The feedback breaks down student performance by each lesson. It would be nice for the screen to be awash with the lovely olive green denoting correct answers; however, if there is some pink, we’ve got students covered. They can select the bar graph to directly enter the lesson’s Practice mode. They can also select Review to see each practice test question, complete with the Tutor tool, solutions, and links to the Learn screens.

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