Students Use Laptops More than Tablets for School

According to a new Harris Poll, while 52 percent of college students own tablets, only 8 percent of students ages 18-19 years old use one every day for school. Sixty-six percent of these students use laptops for school on a daily basis. In the case of older students (ages 25 and up), 27 percent use tablets every day, and 40 percent use laptops (Hart).

More and more students are gaining access to tablets, and more believe that these devices will be used in their classrooms at an increasing rate. A majority of polled students expressed that they believe tablets will replace textbooks within five years.

Read more from the Campus Technology article here.

Hart, Michael. “Poll: Most College Students Prefer Laptops Over Tablets for School.” Campus Technology. Campus Technology, 23 Sept. 2015. Web. 23 Sept. 2015.

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