Tuesday Tip: Disappearing Certifies

You logged into your student account at https://learn.hawkeslearning.com/ and tested the waters on a few Certifies to get the feel of what your students will see. You achieved mastery in a few lessons, and after exploring a bit further, you logged out.

When you log back in a day before class, you don’t see those Certifies on your mini to-do list. What happened? Remember that once you Certify in a lesson, that assignment disappears from the to-do list. Students can still access these lessons by selecting the All button. The to-do list keeps them on track with which assignments they still need to complete and when.

If you want those assignments to display on your to-do list again, just log into your Grade Book, select the Assignments tab, and choose Edit Scores by Student. Select your name from the drop down menu, locate those assignments from the list, and select the Reset Current Value button from the Action column. Make sure to save those changes, and next time you log into your student account, you’ll see those Certifies back on your to-do list. Just be careful that none of your work is overdue!

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