Students Report More Technology Would Help Improve Learning

Dian Schaffhauser reports that technology in the classroom may increase student comfort level and success. According to the annual survey sponsored by eLearning platform company VitalSource, 56% of students claimed they’d be more comfortable in a digital class versus an in-person class, and 74% feel they’d perform better in their classes if they used more technology (“Three-Quarters of Students Say More Tech Would Improve Their Learning”). The survey garnered the thoughts of more than 500 college students.

A majority of students who completed the survey reported that interactive technologies like videos in their homework would increase their learning, and instant feedback with instructors and the ability to track their real-time progress would be beneficial. More students are using smartphones and tablets in their everyday lives, and more are using digital devices to read their class materials.

This year’s survey reports a nine-percent increase in student respondents receiving better grades in online classes than in-person classes from last year, increasing from 42 to 51 percent.

Read the Campus Technology article here.

Schaffhauser, Dian. “Three-Quarters of Students Say More Tech Would Improve Their Learning.” Campus Technology. Campus Technology, 13 Aug. 2015. Web. 17 Aug. 2015.

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