Tuesday Tip: Shifting Due Dates

Want an easy way to move multiple due dates so you don’t have to start from scratch with your template this fall? We’ve got you covered.

In your Grade book, head over to the Assignments tab and choose Edit Due Dates. Select the template you wish to update. Then, select the Shift Multiple Due Dates button.

The shift multiple due dates button is to the left of the show additional options button and below the due date name.

From there, you can decide the first lesson that needs a new due date. Selecting GO shifts all the other lessons’ due dates too.

Adjust the existing due dates by entering the first lesson due date to be shifted in step one, entering the new date in step 2, and selecting the Go button to finish.

Make sure to double-check that these dates aren’t falling on days you don’t want homework due, such as weekends or holidays. You can always adjust each assignment due date individually if necessary.

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