Keep Tests Secure Using TestGuard

TestGuard is an application that provides additional testing security by allowing instructors to restrict student access to both computer applications and websites while a secured test is in progress. This tool ensures the integrity of the test remains protected during lab-based testing.

TestGuard is available for use with both our installed and web platforms, and it just takes one simple installation to get the application up and running.

Once the application is installed by your Network Administrator, you can:

  1. Individually enable secure tests for any you create:

Enable TestGuard for your students' tests.

2. Assess the secure session by opening a TestGuard-enabled test on a computer where the application is installed to make sure your test restrictions are in place:

Access the protected test through Hawkes.

Students using the web platform will receive a message if they try to access a WebTest using TestGuard:

Underneath the test name is the message reading "Your must be running TestGuard in order to take this test. Please use Chrome or Firefox to take this test."

When students are in the correct browser and in a secure session, the system notifies them that they can now take the test:

A pop-up window informs the student, "You are in secure session now. You can download the test" with an OK button to click to X out of the pop-up window.

If you are interested in learning more about making TestGuard available in any of your testing labs, please contact

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