Seeking out a Way to Hide Sections? We’ve Found It!

Instructors can now set a section as “Hidden” under Manage Sections in the Grade Book. This setting removes the section from all pages in the Grade Book except Manage SectionsManage Students and Manage LMS Courses. All data and grades are preserved, but inactive sections will no longer interfere with easily identifying current sections when viewing reports or updating assignments/settings. If an instructor sets a section as “Hidden,” it also hides it from students for enrollment, as well as from Grade Book Course Administrators. Course Administrators can unhide any sections as desired.

A few reasons to hide sections include:

  • Making an incomplete or holding section for students who have not completed the course, while still keeping their completed work intact.
  • Creating an instructor demonstration section to sample online tests and homework assignments from a student’s perspective without students seeing these or having access to them.
  • Keeping an old section active in your Grade Book, while making sure students can only choose to enroll in your currently active sections to avoid confusion.

To hide a section, navigate to Tools > Manage Sections > Hide Sections

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