Customized Student To-Do List

Follow these quick and easy steps below to customize the to-do lists students see on their dashboard. Customize headers in your Grade Book to reflect specific groups or modules of assignments in the order you want your students to work in the web platform!

Step 1: Log in to your instructor Grade Book.
Step 2: Select the Assignments tab > Student To-Do List.

An arrow points to a link that says Student To-Do List.

Step 3: Filter by section, then select to “Add Header” if you want to add new headers to the list.

Filter by section using a drop-down menu of assignments and select the button that says add header.

Step 4: Enter the new header name. Complete steps 3 and 4 until you have all headers you need.

Enter a header name using the empty text box.

Step 5: Check the box(es) of the assignments you would like to rearrange. Choose which header you’d like to move the selected assignments to from the drop-down menu. Select Go.

Move assignments to different headers using a drop-down menu and selecting the Go button. Check boxes next to lessons listed out in order to rearrange their order.

Step 6: Drag and drop to rearrange assignments from within the category.

Select an assignment name to drag and drop it within the list of lessons to rearrange the order.

Step 7: Your changes are automatically saved. You can copy to other sections or print the To-Do list for yourself or your students.

You can copy the to-do list to other sections. (Note that when copying a to-do list to another section, any assignment not assigned to the new section will not be assigned to the student.)

Editing these headers is a great idea for modular courses or increased organization in any course structure!

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