Assignment Builder How-To

Please note that Assignment Builder is available for products on the web platform at

Creating or Editing a Test:

An arrow points to a pencil and paper icon and says that you can select that to edit an existing test. Another button that says Create New is also circled.Assignment Builder can be used to create, edit, and assign tests or other assignments. The question bank includes questions from all of the lessons in the textbook and courseware. To create a new WebTest, open Assignment Builder under Assignments → WebTests. Select Create New to get started with a new test, or select the Edit icon next to an existing test’s name to make edits.

You can add questions to your test in two ways:

  1. Drag and drop individual questions from the question bank pane on the left into the test pane on the right.
  2. Select several questions at once, and choose to Add Selected.

After saving your test, you have the ability to assign the test to your students to be taken online. You can print or export it as well.



Edit and customize your curriculum:

To edit the content of a lesson, navigate to Assignments → Curriculum and select the section you want to edit. All of the lessons will be listed below the global curriculum settings. Click on the name of a lesson to edit it. If your section has the “HLS Default” curriculum assigned, you will first need to select your section, rename the curriculum, and “Save Changes” prior to editing any lessons.


Editing a Lesson with Assignment Builder:

Once in the Assignment Builder, you can easily drag and drop, or select multiple questions to add or remove from the lesson. Green check marks indicate that a question is already in use in the lesson. Adjust the mastery level and number of strikes using the drop-down menu, and click View Summary to see an overview of questions included in the lesson. Click Save when finished. Updates will be made automatically.




Check out our quick video tutorials below, and explore other tutorials on our YouTube page.

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