Tutor & Step-by-Step

Sometimes, students just get stuck. They come across a problem and think, “I don’t even know how to begin solving this!” For any question that students feel they need some extra help with, the Hawkes courseware provide access to an interactive tutor that helps walk students through the steps they need to take to correctly solve the problem.


The Step-by-Step feature takes the problem at hand and breaks it up into smaller, more manageable pieces, walking the student through the problem in steps. Anything hyperlinked in blue can be clicked on, giving the student an immediate refresher on that particular concept such as a rule, property, or definition.


Students can also view the completely worked-out solution to the problem at hand. Students are provided with unlimited questions that are worked out in the correct order of progression, so these questions essentially become unlimited examples!


Students can use as much or as little guided assistance they feel they need in order to successfully learn how to solve the problem, without being forced through to the end of the steps. Whenever they feel ready, students can jump right back into the Practice mode and finish that exact problem on their own. Using Hawkes, students always have access to a personalized tutor that they can utilize whenever they need it!

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