Three of our Favorite Grade Book Reports

While the All Student Scores report does a terrific job of showing you students’ grades and how often students are completing assignments, as well as providing ways to review individual Certifies and WebTests, there are multiple other reports you can explore in the Grade Book. Here are our top three favorites:

  1. Weekly Assignment Completion Report

See which assignments students have finished during any length of time. Don’t let the “weekly” in the name fool you; you can check on multiple weeks or months at a time! This handy report helps you see if students are completing their work at a pace you’d recommend.

Weekly Assignment Completed Reported

2. Time per Lesson Report

View how much time students spend in Learn, Practice, and Certify. You can also see this information on a student-by-student basis under the Time Per Student report. Some students may feel like they’re spending hours working on just one problem when they’ve only been in Certify for 20 minutes. This report lets you see how often they’re interacting with the courseware and provide suggestions on spending more time in Learn and Practice so they’re spending less time in Certify.


3. Summarized Time per Test Question Report

See which questions students got correct/incorrect on a WebTest, as well as how much time students spent answering each question. If one particular question stumped the whole class, then you know some remediation on that topic will go a long way!

Summarized Time per Test Question Report

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