All Student Scores Report

See all students and grades at one time using the All Student Scores report! This is the first option underneath your Reports tab in the online Grade Book.

Spreadsheet showing, from left to right, number, student name, final grade, letter grade, lessons weight at 25%, quizzes weight at 25%, and Quiz 2.

The filter option at the top lets you narrow down how many students and assignments you review at one time. You can also check to see which students are using the web platform (and which assignments can be reviewed) by selecting the Highlight Reviewable Assignments option.

Filter by section, students, and assignment types. Can select display student scores button below those filter options. Hide view settings button is above more options you can check off, including points, percentages, grade, section name, graphical lessons view, letter grade, and full assignment names. Select the option below those, highlight reviewable assignments.

From this report, you can also edit an individual student’s due date or grade, as well as review assignments, as long as the student completed them in the web version of the courseware. Tests and lessons taken in the installed platform are not reviewable in the Grade Book.

To review an assignment, select a student’s score, which will reveal a drop-down menu. Choose Review Assignment.

When you right-click the icon, you see Date completed is April 4, 2016, on time. You can select to edit score, edit due date, and review assignment. Select that last option.

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