Student Dashboard

The dashboard in the web version of our courseware gives students access to each Hawkes class in which they’re enrolled. As soon as they log in, students are greeted with a mini to-do list for each class so they can best prioritize their time to complete their assignments. They can enter a lesson directly by selecting its hyperlink, or they can view all of their assignments by selecting View Course.


The bar at the top of the screen gives students access to their grades, any eBooks they’ve purchased, and a discussion board you can set up to host virtual office hours or post class questions. Toward the right, the bell icon notifies students of any upcoming or overdue assignments. The envelope icon takes students to their Communications Portal, where they can view any messages you’ve sent directly to them. Lastly, when students select their names in the right corner, a drop-down menu appears so that they can change their settings, access our 24/7 live support, view a training video on how to use their courseware, and send us their feedback to be entered into a monthly raffle for gift cards.

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