Students Win with Dr. Nolting’s Winning at Math

We are proud to announce a partnership with Dr. Paul Nolting’s text Winning at Math: Your Guide to Learning Mathematics Through Successful Study Skills. As the only math-specific study skills book to offer statistical evidence demonstrating an improvement in students’ ability to learn math and make better grades, Winning at Math helps you build better learners by integrating instruction and assigned activities focusing on proper study practices into the math curriculum early in your course.


Discover techniques to increase student success in current and subsequent courses, forging the path toward graduation and job placement – all while developing the study skills that student need to succeed in math!

WAMChapters in Winning at Math:

  1. How Learning Math is Different and Why It Pays Off
  2. Assessing and Using Your Math Learning Strengths
  3. Managing Math Anxiety and PTSD, and How to Reduce Test Anxiety
  4. How to Create a Positive Study Environment and Manage Your Time
  5. Understanding and Improving the Memory Process
  6. How to Improve Listening and Note-Taking Skills
  7. How to Improve Your Reading and Homework Techniques
  8. How to Improve Your Math Test-Taking Skills
  9. Taking Control of Your Motivation and Developing a Math Success Plan

As part of this newly updated 6th edition, students receive access to the Math Study Skills Evaluation: a free, online evaluation that assesses students’ skills, locates specific learning problems, and suggests areas for improvement. This assessment tailors feedback to the individual student by providing the student with a diagnostic and prescriptive assessment of their skills. Each student receives an overall score in addition to a subset of scores to evaluate their knowledge in five different areas: Studying Effectively, Memory and Learning, Reading and Homework, Classroom Learning, and Test Anxiety and Test-Taking.

Explore some of our favorite preview content from Winning at Math by clicking below:

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Interested in learning more about how study skills affect students’ success in mathematics and how to integrate these skills into your course? Check out our recorded webinar with Winning at Math author and Learning Specialist Dr. Paul Nolting. Learn more & watch the On-Demand webinar!

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